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The Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration Project (PNW SGDP) on the WSU Pullman Campus supported installation of 88 networked Smart Meters at selected building service points to provide the power usage inputs for the HVAC Load Shed operations as well as end-of-line voltage signals for the Integrated Volt-Var Control (IVVC) system. The SGDP includes an Enterprise Energy Management System (EEMS) software receiving meter data polled by a Citect SCADA interface from the SEL-735 Smart Meters deployed for the SGDP. The Citect and EEMS foundation will make campus and building energy data available to the campus community when it goes on-line early 2014, as well as providing electrical, steam, and other operational data to the campus Operations and Maintenance group. Conversion of existing manual read meters to networked Smart Meters will be an on-going process and will integrate other Energy/Utility meters such as Steam, Chilled Water, Domestic Water, Natural Gas, etc.

WSU Benefits
  • Provide visibility to campus community of campus and building energy usage/costs
  • Network metering system allows electronic meter reads, reducing manual meter read labor requirements and improving the accuracy of the data
  • Provide utility operational system data to Maintenance & Operations for improved efficiencies
  • Provides data on utility systems never before available, allowing hidden system problems to be identified and resolved
  • Assist WSU towards compliance with the state-mandated building Energy Star Rating requirement
  • Allow analysis of building utility use to identify opportunities for energy conservation measures
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