PNW Smart Grid Demonstration Project

Network Communications

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WSU Steam PLant

A Smart Grid electrical system relies on near real-time communications with the switches, transformers, meters, and other devices on the power lines to provide the necessary monitoring and control capabilities. You could say Network Communications are the “blood flow” to the supervisory and computer “brains” that make the Smart Grid “Smart”!

The WSU Pullman campus Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration Project (PNW SGDP) evolved the existing communications backbone to create the Smart Grid communications network. The Smart Grid communications network created interfaces between diverse, formerly independent, systems including the Building Automation System (BAS), the Steam Plant Distributed Control system, and the WSU Substation SEL Network as well as an interface with the Avista Utilities systems involved in the Transactive Control and Distribution Management operations. A challenging but exciting evolution!

WSU Benefits
  • Evolved Private Facilities Services Network to Level 3 with increased flexibility and power
  • Interfaces to previously separate networks (steam plants, etc.) result in improved security, much broader data access
  • Direct Avista Interface will provide near real-time visibility at WSU of the Avista campus distribution system as well as any Avista power outages. Will help improve the Avista outage recovery process and reduce the length of outages on campus facilities
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