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The core WSU SGDP Team includes Facilities Services Information Systems, Plant Engineering, Steam Plant, Energy Group, and Control Shop, the WA State Dept. of Enterprise Services Energy Group, and McKinstry Company, the campus Energy Services Contractor since 2001, and their vendors/sub-contractors including Schweitzer Engineering Labs (meters, network equipment, and integration), PCE Pacific (Emerson DeltaV Integration/Programming), M&M Harrison (electrical), Siemens (BAS Programming), and Netversant (telecom). SGDP was also well-supported by the campus Information Technology department and the Facilities Services Maintenance Supervisors, Construction Services group, and Capital Planning and Development Department.

The WSU portion of the SGDP totals $4.2 million with the funding supplied by a number of sources. Of particular note is that only $256k from WSU Capital funding was required. The Energy Savings which will result from some of the WSU SGDP measures allowed utilization of the Energy Savings Performance Contracting (ESPC) process which helped qualify the project for funds from the Energy Savings, Avista Utility rebates, and the Jobs Now Act Grant from the WA State Dept. of Commerce.


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