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HVAC Load Shed Room Thermostat Over-ride Info

The rooms selected to participate in the Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration Project (PNW SGDP) HVAC Load Shed process are listed on the Building/Room List. The thermostats in those rooms are labeled as shown below.

HVAC Load Sheds in these rooms will be initiated in response to Transactive/AGRS requests from Battelle/Avista and for evening/weekend Low Occupancy periods. During an HVAC Load Shed event, the room supply air ventilation will drop to near zero. More information is available on the HVAC Load Shed webpage

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An Over-Ride button has been provided on the thermostat in every room selected to participate in the HVAC Load Shed. Locate your room thermostat and match it to one of the pictures above to determine the Over-Ride button location, which is indicated with the red arrow. Pressing the Over-Ride button for approximately 2 seconds during an HVAC Load Shed event will release the room from the HVAC Load Shed and restore normal conditions.

When initiated by a Transactive/AGRS request, little deterioration of air quality is anticipated to occur in most rooms during the 15 minute period in which air flow is reduced. However, the Over-Ride feature assures the occupant(s) can restore normal conditions if necessary.

If occupants are working late or on the weekends in these rooms when in the Low Occupancy HVAC Load Shed is continually active, pressing the thermostat Over-Ride button for approx. two seconds will release the room from the HVAC Load Shed and restore normal operations for two hours. At the end of every two hours the button can be pushed again to extend the Over-Ride for another two hours.

We appreciate everyone’s support and assistance with the SGDP HVAC Load Shed feature which will be activated mid-September 2013. For more information on the room selection process see the Building/Room Selection Process.

The room selections were made last year, and while room usage is normally fairly stable we realize changes do occur from time-to-time. Please use the link below to let us know if changes have occurred which may prompt re-consideration of the room inclusion in the HVAC Load Shed. We would also appreciate hearing from you if your room is on the list but does not have the “HVAC Load Shed Room” label on the thermostat, or if there is a label on your thermostat but your room isn’t shown on the room list for your building. Your observations and comments are welcome also.

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