PNW Smart Grid Demonstration Project

HVAC Load Shed Building List

Smart Grid >> Grid Stability Support >> HVAC Load Shed >> HVAC Load Shed Building/Room List
TunnelThe menu below identifies the buildings/rooms that have been selected to participate in the SGDP HVAC Load Shed function. Special labels have been placed on the thermostats in the rooms selected to participate in the HVAC Load Shed. Selecting a building below will pull up the room list indicating which rooms in the building were selected.

The room selections were made last year, and while room usage is normally fairly stable we realize changes do occur from time-to-time. Please use the link below to let us know if changes have occurred which may prompt re-consideration of the room inclusion in the HVAC Load Shed. We would also appreciate hearing from you if your room is on the list but does not have the “SGDP HVAC Load Shed Room” label on the thermostat, or if there is a label on your thermostat but your room isn’t shown on the room list for your building. Your observations and comments are welcome also.

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