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The HVAC and Chilled Water Load Sheds are two methods utilizing direct campus load reductions to help stabilize the regional electrical grid during upset conditions. However, an indirect method to achieve similar regional grid support involves generating some electrical power on campus.

WSU has three generators at the Grimes Way Steam Plant (GWSP) which can be operated in parallel with the Avista circuits to reduce the WSU load on the regional electrical grid. The generators can provide approx. 3 MW of supplemental power which could reduce the WSU peak load on the regional electrical grid by approximately 10%.

Using Transactive/AGRS signals, Battelle/Avista can request the Steam Plant operators to start one or more generators.

WSU Benefits
  • Integrating the Steam Plant network into the Facilities Operations private network greatly expands the options for future generator operations having value to the University
  • Similar to the Load Sheds, the ability to remotely request generator operation will be an important tool which can be used for peak shaving to reduce power costs
  • As the campus power systems evolve further to more reliable and flexible smart grid configurations, the automated capability to request generator operations allows them to supply some of the campus loads during upset or outage conditions
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